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Babushka Ragdoll Cats   Kittens for Sale!

Bob our blue colour point ragdollBob is our neutered Blue Colour Point Ragdoll. He is beautiful with vivid blue eyes, blue points and longish white to soft grey fur. He is soft and silky to touch and loves being brushed but as his fur doesn't mat, brushing is not a daily necessity.

He likes to be with you at all times and will often flop down at your feet, rolling on his back with his feet in the air. Bob chats constantly but his meow is not strident. He's a stealer of ballpoint pens, hiding them under carpets and sofas. He is a magnificent example of the Ragdoll Breed.









Our Breeders

flynn our male seal colour pointKiwimagic 'Sovereign One' - Flynn

Our breeding pusscats include a male Seal Colour Point with a good line up of colours in his pedigree such as Blue Colour Point and Mitted and Seal Lynx Colour Point.








Kiwimagic 'Beholder of Beauty' - Kate
Kiwimagic 'Prestigious One' - Tess

The Queens are a Seal Mitted and a Blue Colour Point and they also have a good variety of colours in their pedigrees including Lilac and Seal Bi Colour.























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