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Babushka Ragdoll Kittens for Sale

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Ragdoll Kittens and Cats For Sale

2 females and 4 males born 9th and 13th Feb. They have had their first vaccinations and are ready to go now.



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Kitten Care


cuddly ragdoll kittensWe feed our kittens Iams & Purina Kitten biscuits, as well as tinned tuna or salmon, and cooked fresh fish. Any change of diet must be done very gradually to avoid upset tummies. Fresh water must be available all the time.

The kittens are treated for worms regularly. Initially we use paste wormers and latterly we use Drontal. For flea control we use flea combs because (a) this controls fleas and (b) it gets the kittens used to being combed. We do use Frontline Spray occasionally.

The kittens have their first vaccinations at 8 weeks of age and the second is done a month later, either by us or by the new owner. The kittens are Vet Checked before they go to their new homes

Slicker brushes and flea combs are used for grooming and generally they enjoy the experience. They like lying on their backs and having their tummies combed or brushed. They can sometimes get small knots in their coats but with regular brushing or combing this will not happen.

They can go outside under supervision but I recommend you keep them inside at night. We have a harness and lead and Gonzo, especially, loves to go for walks!!!

When a kitten or cat goes to the Vet they are always taken in a crate so we recommend you use the crate as a sleeping or feeding place so when you do use it for travel puss will be used to it.

All the above are purely guidelines and the only thing you REALLY have to do with your kitten is to LOVE & ENJOY HIM/HER !!!!!!!!

Any other questions about your new kitten please don't hesitate to contact us


















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